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I'm from Oregon. I was poisoned by my amalgam dental fillings since age four. At age thirty-seven, dentistry saved my life. They are the silver ones. They contain 50% mercury which has been proven to leak out, poisoning your body, often in subtle ways. Exposure from fillings lowers the immune system rendering you much less capable of fighting whatever diseases or conditions you, as an individual, are susceptible to. Read my personal story about the most toxic (non-radioactive) substance on the planet.

I send people to my Biologic Dentists in Tijuana Mexico, where it is profoundly less expensive than Biological Dentists in the United States. I have even taken my own parents! I just want people to get well or prevent them from becoming ill, later. I can provide you with all the details you need to make the trip. Best of all, the work can be done in one day with IV conscious sedation if you choose it.

If you or your friends or family are experiencing any health problems (the most noticeable are stomach problems and/or acid reflux disease, weight gain, anxiety, difficulty controlling emotions such as anger, MS, fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis and memory problems and/or confusion) or have any silver fillings you need replaced, or root canals or cavitations you need cleaned, Contact me for an estimate.

I am dedicating my life to helping people get their amalgams (mercury fillings) out as well as root canals removed, crowns replaced, health-robbing bacteria cleaned from cavitations (holes in your jawbone caused from root canals and/or teeth pulled by a regular dentist), and other dental services. I truly believe in our Office. They are dedicated professionals and keep prices low so that people can afford to get well. Best of all, the work is guaranteed. The office is very pleasant and it is the only one that is Huggins certified in Tijuana. See the Pricelist page. (No, I do not recommend Morales).

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I became permanently and totally disabled in 1994. prior, I had managed three AS degrees in Criminal Justice and was thirty credits short of a BS in Corrections, studying to be a parole and probation officer. I had finally succumbed to family and friends' view of me and decided I really was lazy and had no direction, etc.... So, I went to college again. I routinely studied twenty hours a day, sometimes only getting ten hours sleep a week. This was necessary for me, as it took me much longer to study and do homework than everyone else, even though I was an "A" student. I knew there was something wrong with me, even told my professor; But, he didn't believe me and gave me a "B" because I turned my paper in a day late. When I had two MS-like exacerbations within three months, I took my school insurance and requested an MRI. (I had known since age nineteen that I had brain damage because of the first twenty minute attack I experienced, which caused me to lose vision, made my arm numb, took away my speech and comprehension, etc.... But, I didn't have insurance then and MRI technology had not been developed). I was diagnosed with MS and was told by my neurologist not to work or go to school and no stress.

I went on to acquire a myriad of other (diagnosed) diseases: Depression, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (with the Epstein Barr virus), Lhermitt's Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease (cervical), Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Mitral Valve Prolapse, and Hypo-Thyroidism. As these diseases developed, it was still not apparent to friends, family, and people that there was anything wrong with me at all. Even though I've suffered a lot with numbness and tingling, exacerbations, insomnia, exhaustion, etc..., I have always looked alright on the outside. this made life very difficult, all the while, not knowing that I was really dying from mercury (amalgam), nickel, and root canal poisoning. as a child, my mother and i did know something was wrong, as after my first fillings, I could not sleep at night and had to urinate constantly, sometimes all night. We did not make the association, though. I have also lived with systemic problems, such as: low blood pressure and low body temperature. I knew I was really messed up immunologically, but I couldn't figure out why, since none of my problems run in our family.

I had heard about the mercury in 2000, but didn't think it was the total cause of all my illness. I discussed it, though, at that time, with our apartment maintenance man. He and his wife had went to you a couple years prior and were extremely impressed with your prices and work. I wish I had acted at this time, but I put my mercury info away, planning to read it later, big mistake! Still, it is amazing to me that I, someone who has been studying health and nutrition as a hobby since 1985 (with the release of Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw's book: Life Extension), had never heard of mercury amalgam poisoning.

In 2002, I became so ill that I thought I had better start studying mercury poisoning as a last resort. I couldn't believe what I was reading! There was so much scientific evidence concerning amalgam poisoning, that I began compiling a file on my pc. This was extremely difficult, as every disease and condition I had was described as being due to either amalgam, nickel, or root canal poisoning. I worked on the file for a week, many hrs a day, taking time out to cry extensively. I found a vast amount of scientific proof on the dangers of amalgams, but rarely did I find anything saying it was safe, seems the latter was all from the ADA and their associates and based on one very old, flawed study.

But, after discovering all this, I knew I didn't have the money to get it removed. I called my mother and told her I was going to commit suicide (as you and I both know, this is a common symptom of mercury poisoning), rather than treat one more disease (Hypo-Thyroidism) and wait for another to develop. A week and a half prior, i had finally found a doctor knowledgeable about mercury and nickel poisoning. He was trained in Poland (where nutrition must be studied before medicine). He told me that my next disease would be Diabetes and after that, Heart Disease. From the literature I've read, I knew that cancer and Alzheimer's follow. He also told me that if I got it all removed immediately, and orally chelated, I would most likely not have to take medication for Hypo-Thyroidism, and that I would see a vast improvement in my health. I knew that it was, in fact, an immediate situation. I was going to do one last thing, something my mother had been asking me to do for 2 yrs: get an estimate from a Dentist in I did.

The following are the changes that have taken place since the removal (within one day to one month): no longer coughing up mucous all day, hair stopped falling out, no dizziness, no longer bloated, no more vomiting and extreme nausea, skin is clearing up, much more energy. The change I like best though, is that I am metabolizing fat correctly for the fist time in my life. I don't even have to try and the fat is just dropping off me! I noticed this after three weeks. I eat a high fat diet, the Evolutionary (Caveman, Paleolithic) diet, and it is still melting away. I have been fighting fat my whole life. I am starting to see muscle tone, always wondered why I never had any. I did bodybuilding for three years and still never looked muscular. A while back, I lost a dramatic amount of weight through depression and working out; Still, no muscle tone. Now, for the first time, I feel like I'm going to look as fit as I've been striving for all these years.


The common filling most people have in their teeth, are a mixture of silver, copper, tin and zinc with an equal amount of mercury. Most people are not aware that their fillings contain more than 50% mercury.... Dr. Jaro Pleva has measured the amount of mercury in five year old fillings and found it to be 27% mercury. How do you know when the mercury is gone? The filling falls out!!!


Part of it comes off the surface of the filling in the form of vapor; As we inhale, this vapor enters the lungs, and can be absorbed into, the bloodstream. From the bloodstream, mercury has access to all parts of our body.

[Mercury] is a poison in it's liquid and vapor forms, form...[being] even worse- a chemical form called methyl mercury.

Specific bacteria [must be present] to convert mercury into the even more deadly methyl mercury. Thomas Eyl, MD calls methyl mercury 'one of the most potent and insidious poisons in existence'. ...[It] is considered to be 100 times more toxic (especially to the nervous system) than liquid or vapor mercury.

...many strains of bacteria...can hook methyl groups to mercury, the process is called methylation.


By an unhappy coincidence the bacteria are in the mouth on the surface of those fillings that give off mercury vapor.

Streptococcus Mutans, Streptococcus Sanquis and Streptococcus Mitis [live] in the mouth [and] can do this. Perhaps as many as a the intestinal tract can also methylate mercury. Some...are: Streptococcus, E. Coli, Yeast Lactobacillus and bacteroides....

Under microscopic analysis the surface of the tooth resembles a sponge[,] very porous. Whatever is placed on...[it] can easily be absorbed by thousands of...tubules within the tooth....

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